He was born in Jamestown, New York, on January 28th, 1980.

His parents names are Robert and Jane, but they got divorced, and his step mother's name is Ginger.

He has 4 siblings: Bobbie Jean (BJ), Leslie, Angel, and Aaron. Angel and Aaron are twins.

BJ cooks, Leslie sings, Aaron sings, and Angel is a model.

His nicknames are Kaos, Frack, Mr. Hyperman, Nicky, Messy Marvin, and Fender Bender. Oh yeah, and Nick. That's what we call him :)

His interests are surfing, scuba diving, sailing, diving, drawing, basketball, and video games.

He wants to protect the ocean.

His obsession is Nintendo. I'm serious. I have a picture of him playing it :)

His favorite color is green :D

Favorite food: Cheese pizza and McDonalds [?]

Favorite drinks: Coke, Mountain Dew, and orange gatorade.

He has alot of pets.
He has 4 pugs (Willy, Mikey, Houston, and Nikki), 3 cats (Rocky, Sugar, and Bandit), and 3 dogs (Samson, Simba, and Pepper).
I read that he has two more dogs named Boo Boo and, uh, something else..[??]

His favorite teams are the Miami Dolphins and the Chicago Bulls, but in one of his videos he said he was rooting for this other team for football called the Buckaneers..

His favorite sports are basketball and football.

His favorite candy bar is Twix. [?]

I heard him say in a video that he thinks Japanese women are beautiful.

He is a prankster ^.^

He plays the guitar, drums, and acoustic guitar.

He usually shares a hotel room with Brian when on the road.He and Kevin are most likely to get into a fight..

He is a licensed scuba diver.

He says that he would definately date a fan.

He turned down a part on The Mickey Mouse Club to join the Backstreet Boys.

He is allergic to cats [?]

He joined the Backstreet Boys at the age of 12.

His ideal girl is one that is loyal, honest, romantic, independent, fiesty with a great personality, a good hearted individual, and someone who doesn't wear alot of make up!

He lost his viriginity to Debra LaFave.

He is appearing on Fast Glass!

He came out with his own solo album Now or Never during the 4-5 years that the Backstreet Boys took a break.

Ponytails drive him crazy [?]

His little finger is kinked.

When he gets on an airplane, he always steps onto it with his right foot first.

He uses the words "You know" and "Dawg" alot.

He has the habit of licking his lips ALOT.

His head was measured: 22".

He doesn't like his ears. He says they stick out too much.

He once stole a Bible from a hotel.

He doesn't like his feet.

He is very tummy shy and says he got his tummy from his dad. He says he works out so much, but still it doesn’t change.

He doesn’t have an innie or an outie bellybutton. He has a hernia which he got because of all the back flips and handsprings he did on tour with BSB.

He smells like Dial soap, the yellow kind. [?]

He had a role in "Edward Scissorhand" for 5 seconds.

He loves bananas, but he hates the one with the brown/black spots.

When he was younger, he had a crush on Christina Ricci..[??]

He likes his kleenexes with Aloe.

He loves Cheerios.

He likes his poptarts right out of the box.

You can find Eric Clapton in his cd collection.

He was born at the same hospital as Lucille Ball.

He likes cranberry juice with vodka.

He bites his fingernails.

He wears a size 13 shoe.

His favorite videogame is actually called "Kid Nicky".

Brian almost died the day Nick was born.

Whenever he gets a question that has to do with girls, he raises his eyebrow.

He believes in ghosts.. [?]

He ALWAYS flicks or scratches his nose.

He uses strawberry lipbalm.

He is afraid of the dark.

He never hangs his feet off of the bed. He's afraid little gremlins will bite his toes off.

It says he owns a white Ferrari, but last I saw and heard, he had a black BMW.

He once surprised Aaron at his concert, showing up, and Aaron started crying because they hadn't seen eachother for over 6 months.

He usually brings a black laptop with him to most places.

He loves Elmo. [?]

At times, he hates that he can't walk around in public like a normal person.

He drives way too fast.

He really respects women. He said he would never lay a hand on a woman if she was beating on him.

He likes to play with his fingers.

He believes in fate and soul mates.

He loves bubble baths and candles. It's his way of relaxing.

He does all of his Christmas shopping at the last minute.

While at airports, he's usually listening to his discman.

His yacht is called N CONTROL.

He ALWAYS bursts out laughing during concerts when he's not singing.
I saw a video of one of their concerts during the Never Gone tour. They were singing Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart) and he missed the first line of his part (the second verse) because he and Aj were foolin' around and laughin'. It was funny :D

He hates to fly. He often takes something with him to help him relax and sleep during the flight.

He sometimes gets carsick. Aaron also revealed a while ago that he also gets seasick, but that he's grown out of it.

The first thing he does in the morning is brush his teeth.

He is grumpy in the mornings.

He ALWAYS has a cold.

He likes dogs the best.

He sometimes spaces out.
He saves ALL of his recites.



"Sometimes I shut up..." "As much as we miss home, I really enjoy it over here in Europe. I think it is really cool."

"My hand, dumba55."

"...I know! But they bunch up when I put these spandex things on!"

 "It's a Backstreet Thang!"

"..I put my hand back there and I could actually touch my whole butt!"

"I try to be bad, but nobody will let me."

"This is Nick Watch 10, reporting live at the Backstreet Boys video shoot."

 " I've got a wet bum!"

 "My house is in the audience."

"HEY! I heard that!"

 "Are you bein' nasty?"

 "I am so sick, I can barely speak."

 "If I'm at home, I don't wear anything. I like the freedom."

"Sometimes good looks come in handy!!"

 "I've been sittin' in a chair for 2 hours and it's really affecting me right now."

 "No dude, it's not just me though. AJ is just as bad as me."

"You gotta hear this track man. You're gonna freak out."

"No... Yeah... Wait... HUH?"

 "I had nothin', butD, you still burned me."

"Bread and butter baby!"

 "That's the ambulance coming to take these guys away after we beat them."

 "I like to make people happy."

"I was like oh really."

 "It's so funny to sing in the middle of so many bras!"

"You see, umbrellas only work when the water comes from above."

"I'm the kind of person that finds it hard to believe in something if you can't see it."

"I like tattoos on girls. It depends on where they are and who's wearing them, but they can look cute."

 "Don't give me a penny for my thoughts, give me a quarter for my dirty ones so I can buy a condom."

"I do not! I do not whine!"

"I'm not picking my nose! Got a problem? I'm doing this!"

 "AJ's a very interestin' person to talk about."

 "I don't think you're ready for this jelly!"

 "I last cried when we visited a children's hospital. It made me really, really sad. But I didn't let anyone know I'd cried as I don't like to show my inner most feelings."

"As long as we have our fans, we can conquer anything."

"Personally, I like it when fans do crazy things! It may sound funny, but I got a thrill when I was pulled into a crowd once. It was like, 'How am I going to get out of this?"

 "If practice makes perfect, and nobody's perfect, why practice?"

"Crazy whack shhhhhhhhh...poop.I can't say that last word."

"That's the old Nick, this is the new Nick."

"We gotta go. We're gonna get in trouble."

 "This business has a lot of people, good & bad, but don't let the bad ones get to you or you won't be able to prove them wrong!"

 "If you were the last woman and I was the last man on earth, I bet we could do it in public."

"If I had to do something romantic I would take her to the beach when the sun is going down. The sky would be full of stars, and apart from the sound of the sea, it would be a very quiet and intimate moment."